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Wuxu S&Y Co.,Ltd. is design and development, production and marketing of orthopedic casting tape and medical splint , medical cast padding, elastic tubular bandage and other similar medical materials and dressings. At the same time R & D manufacture HG Armored tape (armor belt), mending tape (Wrapping tape), Armor-wrap,Armorcast, wrapped with a variety of industries, because of its unique properties and advantages, have been widely applied to power communications, cable accessories, chemical, marine, mining, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, statues, medical and other fields. More >>
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Orthopedic casting tape and orthopedic splint [2010/2/19]
Sapphire would attend 62nd CMEF Autumn 2009 [2009/8/12]
we attend 60st CMEF 2008 and 7th ICMD Exhibition [2009/3/26]
we would attend 61st CMEF Spring 2009 and 8th ICMD [2009/3/3]
Sanshi cast are with CE、ISO13485 、ISO9001 [2008/5/29]


Wuxi S&Y Co., Ltd.  


Orthopedic casting tape and medical polymer splint,


HG Armored tape (armor belt),

mending tape (Wrapping tape),





 invites the region agent distributor!

Tel:+86 13771509918

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Orthopedic Splint HG Armored tape (armor belt)Armorcast,Armor-wrap HG Armored tape Orthopedic Casting Tape bag Polyester Casting Tape 12.5cm*360cm Polyester Casting Tape 4 Fiberglass Casting Tape 3 Orthopedic Casting Tape 2 Polyester Casting Tape Plaster of Paris Bandage Stockinette Cast Padding Cast Padding orthopedic casting tape
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