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Orthopedic Splint

Orthopedic  splint,

Method of use :

1.      Choose corresponding splint, according to the plastic parts.

2.      Don’t need to wear gloves during operation.

3.      Open a bag, put the non-woven which is outward of the splint into the water for 3~6 seconds at the normal temperature (20 ~ 25℃), press it 2~3 times to get water saturated.

4.      Squeeze out the extra water, or use the towel to take up the extra water.

5.      Cover the position with the non-woven which is inside of the splint, fix with gauze bandage or elastic bandage.

6.      Finish the operation within 3~5 min, about 10 min become hardened, after 20 min will fully harden, about 30 min later, it can bear weight.

7.      If there is skin injury or need longer time to operate. Cover it directly with splint, and fix with gauze bandage or elastic bandage. Then spray water in surface to accelerate splint harden.

8.  SY Splint can be removed easily.

Storage :Cool dry storage   

Term of validity3 years


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