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Polyester Casting Tape

SS Cast got the patent in 1996. In order to reach the level of international, we used latest technology and processing technique to improve our products in the end of 2006. Now, the products and our company are with CE 、ISO13485:2003 & ISO9001:2000 certificate.

1. Light weight: 1/5 times weight and 1/3 times thicker than traditional plaster bandages.
2. Extra Strong:at least 20 times stronger than traditional plaster bandages .
3. Good ventilation: 200 times rate of breath than traditional plaster bandages. Skin can be breathed freely and keep bacterial from reproducing.
4. 100% permeable to X-ray, allowing subsequent X-ray photography without unwrapping and thus saving expenses for patients.
5. Easy to use :short immersion time, easy to shape,fast setting time.
6. Easily applied even to an uneven region.
7. Excellent in waterproofing :has moisture resistance and porosity, so it prevents bad odors, skin contagions or other complications caused by moisture inside it.
8. Excellent in elasticity.
9. Covers various colors and sizes.
10. Fiberglass or polyester fiber material are available.
11. Term of validity:2 years.

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